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  • Product detail

    Designed to build up caffeine-free energy & immunity within body, improving your daily condition. 50ml x 6 bottles.*

  • Important Note

    *For some individuals, 1 week might not be enough duration to activate ginseng's full benefit. For full benefits, we recommend 1-month package or 3-month package.

  • Ingredient

    Korean Red Ginseng, Jujube, Rehmannia Root, Poria Cocos, Acacia Honey, Water

Korean Ginseng

Energy from Herbs

100% Natural


Zero Additives


Benefit of Ginseng

-World Health Organization (WHO)

“a restorative agent for enhancement of mental and physical capacities, in case of weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, and loss of concentration and during convalescence.”

Perfect extra to coffee

Coffee gives an instant energy but it doesn't build up. Supherb is not as instant as caffeine, but it accumulates a long-term energy. Pair up the two to make your best day condition everyday.


Supherb is made of finest Korean Ginseng and four selected herbs that maximize ginseng's benefit

2. Poria Cocos

(from several mountains in Korea)

5. Acacia Honey

(Youngdong, Korea)

Acacia honey boosts immune system as it possesses hydrogen peroxide naturally, which is a powerful antibacterial component. It also contains compounds called flavonoids and phenolics that act as antioxidants.

1. Red Ginseng

(from Korea, 6-year-grown)

Red Ginseng’s main component, Ginsenoside, increases our fundamental energy source Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), based on research(1). Korean FDA has officially recognized that Red Ginseng may help fight fatigue and increase immunity.

A type of dried mushroom. Poria Cocos enhances immune system and cognitive function(2) for sharper afternoon.

4. Jujube

(from Kyungsan, Korea)

Dried fruit. Jujube alleviates stress and has calming effect(4), making it a perfect ingredient for quality, deep sleep at night.

3. Rehmannia Root

(from Geumsan, Korea)

Rehmannia Root strengthens immune system(3). Its main constituent B-sitosterol is known to enhance immunity and helps blood circulation.