Why Glass Bottles?

Supherb ginseng shot is contained in a glass bottle. Some of you might have wondered: "Could it be in plastic bottles? They are lighter and not as fragile. Why did Supherb use glass?"

Today, I want to talk about why Supherb team chose glass for our packaging, and why we still think it is the best option.

Back in 2018, it was the first day of a meeting with the packaging company. The first step into the meeting room, we were overwhelmed by what we encountered:

There were so many options of packages to choose from: glass bottle, plastic, aluminum, squeeze pouch...​

Each option had its pros & cons, so we went through a number of meetings to discuss & compare all the options. And in the end, we chose a glass bottle.

WHY GLASS? : it is the safest packaging option that can endure the heat.

During production, Supherb goes through the heat sterilization process to ensure no additives or chemicals are added. However, the heating process makes the juice very hot that goes straight into the bottle, and thus our bottle needs to be 100% safe from high temperature.

Many bottle options like plastic have weak thermal resistance, potentially emitting harmful chemicals when exposed to heat, whereas glass is known to be the safest and most stable bottle that is free from chemical and food-safe even at very high temperatures.

With this standard, we didn't look back and chose a glass bottle for Supherb. Our priority has been and will always be providing the highest quality product without compromising from every aspect, whether it is ingredient or packaging.