Supherb Ingredient Story 4 - Honey & Jujube

Last but not least, introducing two main ingredients of Supherb: Natural Honey & Jujube (대추):

Pure 100% Natural Honey

In the beverage industry, "Sa-yang" Honey (사양벌꿀) is widely used due to its low cost. "Sa-yang" is artificially made honey by feeding artificial sugar to bees. These types of honey are easier to produce & render similar sweet taste but lacks rich mineral and nutrition that only natural honey possesses.

Many products in the market use this "Sa-yang" honey because its taste is indistinguishable from natural honey but costs only one-third of natural honey.

However, we believe in rich minerals and herbal synergy that only natural honey can create. Thus we persisted in using 100% natural acacia honey.

Jujube (대추) from Korea

Jujube is a fruit that calms the mind, relieves stress, and induces deep sleep. Among many kinds of Jujube, our team chose the ones from Korea, because their ingredient quality and safety can be fully tracked with 100% transparency.

This completes our "Ingredient" Story!

Supherb is made only with these five ingredients that we covered in [Ingredient] section (Red Ginseng, Poria Cocos (복령), Rehmannia Root (지황), Jujube (대추), and Honey), with absolutely zero additives.

In our next story, let's deep dive into the manufacturing process of Supherb.