Supherb Ingredient Story 3 - Poria Cocos

Today's post is about Poria Cocos (복령), one of 4 main herbs used to make Supherb.

We went to "Ah-san," a small city in Korea to meet with Supherb's Poria Cocos supplier, Mr. Moon Ji-ho, and hear his story about Poria Cocos (복령)

1. 40 years of experience

-Mr. Moon started collecting Poria Cocos since his early 20's. At first, he started it as a part-time job after his full-time job as a farmer. However as he built more expertise over time, he began to lead a group of farmers to collect & supply naturally-grown Poria Cocos.

2. Naturally-grown from mountains in Korea

-Mr.Moon does not grow Poria Cocos in his farm, but collect naturally-grown ones from mountains in Korea.

His Poria Cocos are grown naturally, and thus they are 100% organic and stronger than the ones grown from farms.

3. Hand-picked one by one

-Organic, naturally-grown Poria Cocos are hard to find. They grow near roots of pine tree (소나무), but only 1-2 Poria Cocos can be found in every 1000 pine trees.

We were impressed to learn how much dedication and effort were put into for our main ingredient, Poria Cocos (복령).