Supherb Ingredient Story 2 - Rehmannia Root (지황)

Supherb team visited "Geumsan," a small city in Korea.

What's in Geumsan? A special farm from which Supherb sources one of its main ingredients, Rehmannia Root (지황).

Rehmannia Root is one of the 50 most important herbs in Traditional Oriental Medicine. As a powerful adaptogen, its benefits include elevating stamina, boosting immunity, and enhancing blood circulation.

We had a chance to meet a head farmer, Park Heeyoon, and hear his story about Rehmannia Root and his farm.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

-I have been a farmer for 38 years, growing & harvesting Rehmannia Root (지황). I run my own farm (25k square feet) with my family. I also served as a first president of Korean Herb society in Geumsan-city.

2. Can you tell us about Rehmannia Root and its farming?

-Rehmannia Root is a very sensitive crop. It requires extra care, as it easily dies without frequent hydration and optimal moisture control.

-It is a pricey crop, so some people get greedy and try to grow a huge amount at once. I can say for sure 99% of them fail. This is because Rehmannia Root is a very sensitive crop that requires constant, delicate care & effort. To successfully grow and harvest Rehmannia Root, you need to love them like family.

3. What's special about your Rehmannia Root?

-Again, Rehmannia Root is a very sensitive crop. Therefore to minimize its damage, we avoid using machine and harvest by hands, one by one.

-Also, I pride in my farm's soil quality. I use my special blend of organic fertilizer (e.g. corn, rice straw, etc.), spread it throughout my farm and let it permeate fully to the soil for a year. It's a lengthy process but it increases organic content within the soil, enabling my Rehmannia root to absorb rich nutrition and grow bigger, stronger, and more nourished.

4. Does your crop go through any third-party testing?

-Yes, 100% of my Rehmannia Root goes through the test from Korean government (Rural Development Administration) and only the ones that pass the test go to the market.

5. When do you feel happy as a farmer? What is your philosophy?

-I want to be best in my field (farming Rehmannia Root), and I believe steadiness will get me there. I believe in a world where I get rewarded by my effort, and I try to contribute to the society by my honesty and consistent effort. I think that makes me happy.


Thank you, Mr. Park for sparing his time during busy season. We learned a lot, and appreciated listening to his experience and expertise.