Ginseng as Skincare?

According to the research published in Cosmetics Science Journal, ginseng helped reducing facial wrinkles.

In the study, 24 healthy Korean female volunteers, aged 35–59 years and with fine wrinkles in the skin around the eyelids, were assigned to two groups — group 1 used lotion that contained 0.05% of ginseng leaf purified extracts, and group 2 used lotion without the ginseng extract.

To control other variables, all volunteers exposed themselves regularly to sunshine and were not allowed to use cosmetic products during the 8-week treatment.


The efficacy of the ginseng extract has also been clinically validated as an anti-wrinkle agent. The study’s analysis of the crow’s feet wrinkle showed that, compared to before treatment, there was a decrease in the depths of deep furrows treated with a lotion that contained ginseng extract.

Source: Cosmetics Journal, “Anti-Skin-Aging Activity of a Standardized Extract from Panax ginseng Leaves In Vitro and In Human Volunteer”

Another study led by Korean Dermatological Association (“Red ginseng extract mixture increases type 1 procollagen synthesis in human skin”) also shows a consistent result that ginseng helps with skin & wrinkle.

In the study, 82 women over age 40 were chosen and treated with red ginseng powder, 3g per day for 24 weeks. As a result, the treatment group showed a decrease in an average wrinkle by 19%, and type-1 procollagen increased by 85%, suggesting ginseng’s significant effect on skin enhancement and wrinkle treatment.