What’s inside Supherb?

Supherb is made of three natural ingredients: Korean herbs, pure honey, and purified water. Everything inside Supherb is only from nature - nothing else.

Tell me more about Korean herbs in Supherb. What are they good for?

1. Korean Red Ginseng
Increases ATP production (Adenosine Triphosphate) to fundamentally raise our energy level and improves cognitive performance.
2. Jujube
Dried fruit. Alleviates stress. Calming effect & good for insomnia. 3. Poria Cocos
Type of mushroom in a dried form. Sharpens memory and enhances immune system. 4. Rehmannia Root
One of the mostly used Asian herbs along with ginseng. Cleanses blood and improves immune system & energy level.

What kind of testing does Supherb go through?

Every batch of Supherb is tested for its purity and strength. Furthermore, each and every ingredient is tested to ensure it is safe from heavy metals, allergens, and other contaminants, guaranteeing safety and consistent quality. Manufacturing process goes through as rigorous testing as ingredients. 1. Compliant with FDA standard: Supherb is made from FDA-registered manufacturer and is compliant with FDA’s cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standard. 2. Approved by Korean FDA: unlike USA, Korean FDA regulates and approves every supplement that is marketed in Korea. Since Supherb is marketed in Korea as well, our product is registered & approved of its safety from Korean FDA.

How should I take it?

Drink one bottle per day when you need a kick. We encourage you to try it cold or mix with almond milk (1:1 ratio). A bottle of Supherb contains a recommended daily dosage of Red Ginseng (2gram). With physicians or licensed herbalists’ guidance, you can take up to 2-3 bottles a day.

I see "added sugar" in Supplement Facts. What is this?

Supherb's Added Sugar 3g = All-natural Acacia Honey 3g. FDA defines "Added Sugar" as any sugar that's "added" to the product (regardless it is natural or artificial)*. Based on this definition, pure honey is counted as added sugar. However, Supherb's added sugar is not an artifical, sugary syrup but all-natural acacia honey that creates energy and strengthens immune system in our body. *Reference: www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/GuidanceRegulation/GuidanceDocumentsRegulatoryInformation/UCM535372.pdf

Supplement Facts indicates 1g of Red Ginseng Extract, but in the website it says 2g of Red Ginseng, which one is correct?

Both are correct :) 2g of raw Korean Red Ginseng is compressed into 1g of Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract via patented technology, extracting the most nutritions out of raw Red Ginseng.

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