for Afternoon.

We seek fundamental, long-term energy that is free from caffeine.

Energy from Herbs

100% Natural

Zero additives



Smarter Way

to Drink Coffee

Did you know caffeine taken at late afternoon lingers in the body for +6 hours, creates vicious cycle, and makes you more tired day by day? We're here to fix it.

Redefining Energy

Blended by Licensed Herbalists, four Korean herbs in Supherb work together to create energy & induce quality sleep at night, so we don't have to depend solely on caffeine to energize.

The Next-level Herbs

Our herbs are grown & harvested by veteran farmers with 30 years of experience who take pride in their work.

What Others Say

I was honestly skeptical but

I felt more energetic, clear headed, without feeling shaky, anxious, etc. I was really surprised by this.

Jessica W. (OH)

Coffee makes me jittery,

Supherb does not.

Andy O. (CA)

I was ready to fall a sleep at night without a sleep aid.

Rave N. (WA)

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