Why is it so expensive?

Premium Korean Red Ginseng Extract typically costs +$100, and +$80 even with promotion*

*1 month package, Korean Red Ginseng extract (highest quality)

“Because it's premium stuff! Korean Red Ginseng extract is better than other ginseng pill products”

Is that really the case?

It is true that extract is superior to pill-type product*

*Extract’s absorption rate is 10x vs. pill’s.

However, did you know raw cost of Red Ginseng extract is only 30% of its market price?

Meaning 70% goes to…


Retailer Margin


Fair Price,
Quality Red Ginseng

Supherb cuts out factors that unfairly raise the price, offering a quality Korean red ginseng at fair price.

Uncompromising Quality

We offer highest quality Korean Red Ginseng extract

* Ginsenoside = scientific standard that measures effectiveness of Red Ginseng

At half price

* 30 day package price


we didn’t stop here.

Red Ginseng’s effect

Handpicked & blended by doctor of Korean medicine, two Korean herbs are added to maximize power of Red Ginseng.


Natural sweetness from pure honey & jujube is balanced with Red Ginseng’s dryness to reduce bitterness and create a smooth but deep, delightful flavor.

“Surprised by how good it tasted”

I was surprised by how good it tasted compared to other Red Ginseng product.

- Seung L. (IL)

“I felt more energetic”

I was honestly skeptical but I felt more energetic, clear headed, without feeling shaky, anxious, etc. I was really surprised by this.

- Jessica W. (OH)

“Makes me less tired”

I was on my finals, and I slept 3 hours on average on a week I had Supherb.

Despite my lack of sleep, I loved how it made me alert and less tired during days.

- Wil (Seoul, Korea)

Fair Price, High Quality,

Premium Korean Red Ginseng



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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