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Ginseng Shot for

more lively day.

Supherb is designed to build up long-term stamina so your day is filled with vitality.



$21.00 USD

First time trying ginseng? Not sure about fit? Try our 1 week trial set first.


$105.00  $68.00 USD

Designed to build up caffeine-free energy & immunity within body.

Re-defining Energy

Had enough caffeinated drinks but still tired? It’s time for a fundamental build-up.


Drink a bottle filled with premium herbs clinically proven to increase long-term energy. 100% caffeine-free & more recharging than vitamins or tea.

When tea

isn’t enough

Supherb is not an ordinary ginseng herbal tea. Our patented technology extracts 5x more of ginseng’s nutrients vs. hot water.

Perfect extra to coffee

100% caffeine-free, Supherb is a perfect supplement to your daily coffee routine. Drink Supherb and build fundamentals within your body, without worrying about caffeine-addiction.

Good things

build up

Month 1 - Build up

Improvement in condition kicks in (e.g. morning wake-up feels easier)*

Month 2 - Refueling

Fueling long term energy with more ATP built in (e.g. enabling more vibrant & lively days)*

Month 3 - Strengthen

Boosts immunity & cleanses blood within body*

Finest In The Market

We excel on most important metrics for ginseng supplements.  

(1) Most premium kind of ginseng, containing the highest nutrients and ginsenoside

(2) Liquid supplement has 10x absorption rate vs. pill

(3) Most pill/tablet contains “filler” such as chemical capsules or flour

(4) Average of top 5 ginseng pill products in Amazon

Start today and

build up long term


What Others Say

I was honestly skeptical but

I felt more energetic, clear headed, without feeling shaky, anxious, etc. I was really surprised by this.

Jessica W. (OH)

Coffee makes me jittery,

Supherb does not.

Andy O. (CA)

I was ready to fall a sleep at night without a sleep aid.

Rave N. (WA)